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Village of HOPE

Batey Piraco, Dominican Republic

Batey Piraco is a small village of about 39 families.  Most are single moms or elderly parents caring for grandchildren struggling to meet the basic needs. Village of HOPE was birthed on our first mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2015.  When we arrived in Piraco, the people were welcoming and gracious. We noticed one of the babies about 6 months old had an infected hand that was swollen twice its size.  The baby's mother was not around and the grandparents were raising him.  They had no money to take him to the doctor or for medicine.  Later that day we returned there with a nurse on our team who cleaned the wound and left salve and bandages so it could be treated daily.   Our hearts were captured and we felt God wanted us to do more here.

We immediately began providing for their school needs and giving food and toys as Christmas. Then in 2017 we began a weekly Kids Bible Club Program that to this day feeds approximately 60-70 children a weekly meal.  Many adults also participate, as well as some children who come from a nearby village.   Every year we continue to provide school uniforms and backpacks, Christmas gifts, etc. 

Your support helps us to not only provide a meal, but also medicine for families who cannot afford it. 

Want to help us make a difference?

Consider Becoming A Sponsor! 

For just $20 a month, you will help us reach the budget to meet our Village Program needs. 

Can't pledge monthly?

Consider sending us a one-time donation. 

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